Update on Soke Yamamoto from Donna Toyama

Original FB update dated March 13th:

Toyama received a text message this morning from Minako San to say that the poster of the posted picture and well wishes had arrived. She immediately took it to the hospital for Soke to see. He had already been watching the picture from FB and asked Minako San to show it to him sometimes, at which point he was tearing up, overcome with emotion for the love and caring shown for him. He was very excited about it and asked that I send this message on FB.

Soke wishes for you all to know that he is so grateful for your love, support, and encouragement for him. When he first saw the picture, he was very sick and mentally giving up his fight. His doctors didn't have much hope because of the severity of the pneumonia, along with his already weakened condition from the cancer. When he saw the picture and heard your wishes, he felt a power and strength surge from within. He has continued to view it and gather strength, and much to the doctors' surprise, his condition stabilized and the fever began to subside. In fact, the doctor told Minako San that it was a surprise and miracle that they hadn't anticipated. At this point, they are discussing possibly releasing him, if he continues improving and they hadn't expected to be able to. He wanted you to know that he feels strength and will to continue to fight this and his wish is to be able to come see you all again, one more time. He asked to thank you all again for helping him to be strong and have the desire to keep pushing ahead.

Please continue to pray for Soke and his family. His condition is serious, and we know that love and prayers can give strength with God's help. Please feel free to send any wishes to Minako San, or we can provide an address to send by mail. He attributes much of his mental fight and inspiration to all of you guys in WYKKO. Let's keep him uplifted in the way that you are all so special at doing! Osu!

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