Training Guides for New Students

1) New Students learning their very first Kata, Ni Ju Shichu No Kata (27 Movements), can reference this step by step guide.

2) Learn how to tie your Obi (belt).

Click here to download the Obi Instructions.

3) Download our Student Handbook- the condensed guide. This 2 page PDF goes over testing requirements for each belt, dojo rules, and terminology.

Click here to download the Student Handbook.

4) Understanding Black Belt Titles

You may have noticed on the Instructors' page that there are different titles associated with different levels of black belt.

1st and 2nd degree black belts (Shodan and Nidan), the lowest ranked blackbelts, are referred to as "Yudansha".

3rd degree black belts (Sandan) are called "Sempai".

4th degree (Yondan) are addressed as "Shihan-dai".

5th degree and up (Godan, Rokudan, Sichidan, and Hachidan)  are titled "Shihan".

The president of the organization is given the special title of "Kaicho", and of course our founder, Grandmaster Yamamoto, can also be respectfully referenced as "Soke".

Early in your training, any black belt instructing you can be referred to as "Sensei", which means teacher. It is only as you advance in rank that you will be expected to understand the ranking hierarchy in such detail.