Philosophy of Yoshukai

About the Yoshukai Emblem

In Japan, Yata-no-kagami was one of the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial House. Yata-no-kagami translates to "Eight Hand Mirror", and since it only reflects what it sees, it is the symbol for truth.

The Yoshukai emblem is the combination of the Japanese flag and the word "YOSHUKAI" being reflected by Yata-no-kagami. This represents the true fighting spirit of Yoshukai and the ambition to teach its principles all over the world.


Yoshukai Motto

"Make efforts and you will achieve"  (Rikki hitatsu)

Yoshukai itself means "Strive for Excellence".

The Five Precepts (Shugyo Sho Gokun)

1) Respect and Manners

2) Be Prudent in Action

3) Be Prudent in Speech

4) Keep High Spirited

5) Keep Yourself Clean